My sister Jane (the good sister, also known for recording for posterity my observations on Hot and Sour Soup) set up this site for me, thinking I might need it someday.  Words are indeed my business, at least within, and perhaps not limited to, the confines of our family.  You can tell by how many I’ve used up so far, saying so very little.

I’ve started using this blog to post the first two chapters (with appendices) of a long-overdue book on the Chinese women’s script.  It’s a movie tie-in!

Now that I’ve figured out how to use it, I may well resort to fulminating in public.  Stay tuned.




2 Responses to “About”

  1. constance jones said

    Please let me know how I can learn to write nushu myself as I wish to record my thoughts and feelings to my daughter. And also, please finish your book!

  2. Cathy Silber said

    Constance, thanks so much for writing–and the encouragement to finish the book. Chapter One, posted here, contains an explanation of why it wouldn’t make much sense for you to learn to write nushu to record your thoughts and feelings for your daughter. Nushu is a script to write the language spoken in that area of southwestern Hunan–so to write it to express yourself, you’d first need to express yourself in that spoken language, which your daughter would also have to learn. And she’d have to learn the script too. What is important is your desire to record your thoughts and feelings for your daughter. And for this you already have the perfect script–both you and she already know it (or she will, if she is very young now): English. Hope this helps–Cathy

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